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Thread: Palestinian Airlines Virtual Taking Off December 2010

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    Default Palestinian Airlines Virtual Taking Off December 2010

    Palestinian Airlines Virtual is proud to announce the commencement of VATSIM, IVAO and offline operations this coming December.

    With Gaza as its hub and a fleet of 65 aircraft servicing 42 destinations in four continents, Palestinian Airlines Virtual, a legacy national flag carrier, will offer a variety of quality operations and services to members and passengers alike such as:

    - Automated booking and PIREP systems
    - A rich in content website which assists and enhances members and passengers' travel planning
    - Gaza FMC navdata, charts and scenery
    - Classic and Modern Palestinian liveries
    - VIP Services
    - Quality international and Arabic cuisine & in-flight entertainment
    - Bonus miles and points
    - Special Hajj flights
    - Business solutions with Citation X business jets available on demand
    - Special offers
    - Airline alliances
    - Charter and Cargo operations commencing Spring 2011

    No experience is required to become a member nor are there rank and aircraft type restrictions. Palestinian Airlines Virtual aims to connect the West with the East and the North with the South while continuously promoting its motto of Quality & Friendship in the aviation community.

    Palestinian Airlines Virtual will soon announce the precise date of opening ceremonies and can be contacted at [email protected]
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    Development continues at Palestinian Airlines Virtual with the exact inauguration date to be announced soon.

    Here's a sneak peek of an A319, an AT72 and a B738 in the fleet's classic livery during operations test flights around the Med:

    The repaints are courtesy of Ryan Haba.

    Several of the fleet's aircraft will also sport a modern livery. Screenshots to follow as soon as the paint dries.

    Safe skies!

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    A look at the 744 in the VA's modern livery:

    As can be seen, the fleet's modern livery design and implementation is courtesy of PNW team members Loai Hamad and Kostas Kostalabros, both highly talented artists.

    Screenshots of the fleet's other aircraft types, sample charts and operations to follow soon.

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    Palestinian Airlines Virtual is on final and will announce its launch date within the next few days. In the meantime, here are a few more screenshots:

    The ATR72-500 "Faris Odeh"

    ILS and VOR DME procedures for Gaza Airport's rwy 01:

    The B738 "Al-Khalil" approaching and landing on Gaza Airport's rwy 19:

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