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Thread: Floating runway lights

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    Default Floating runway lights

    Is this forum still alive? I am experiencing the entire runway and taxi lights of any airport mirrored in the sky. From ground level they appear about 50-100ft up and when I take off the image of the airport lights appears in the sky in front of me and gets smaller as I fly away. I moved FS2000pro from my old PC to my newer one and also to my son's. His PC has the same symptoms. I tried re-installing and tried with and without my addons. We both use Radeon Saphire graphics cards. Anyone out there got any ideas how to fix this?
    Stu McInnes
    Argyll, Scotland

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    This not happened to me, but i am a relatively new FS2000 user. I do know that it happened to me on FS98. I think it's just that Microsoft has not fixed it yet as of FS2000. I am kindof hoping this forum is still alive, because i just got 2000 lol.

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