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Thread: Problem with night/dusk aircraft textures

  1. Smile Problem with night/dusk aircraft textures


    I hope someone can help me.

    when the dusk or night is coming, the texture of the A340 is becoming blue (a shining light blue). I dont have idea how to fix it and i will be very thankfull if someone can give me a solution.

    This error appears only when the dusk/ night is coming o when i start the simulation in dusk or night hrs.

    Here is a picture showing my problem

    Thank you and greetings to everyone

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    Why is this in Scenery Design?

    Maybe Repaint section or a sim specific forum would be better.

    Can you upload your pic to the forum instead of posting a link?

    I personally am not going to click on a link to an un-familiar website posted by a first time poster.

    Sorry to be judgmental, that's the way it is.

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