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Thread: what makes you choose your favorite paid addon ?

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    Default what makes you choose your favorite paid addon ?


    I was wondering what brings the simmers to choose a paid addon.
    So i made a list to choose from most to the least reason why you buy an addon.

    -Because it was sugested by the simmers
    -you read a lot about it
    -its prize
    -its realism
    -because of its features
    -because your PC specs can handle it
    -because you saw videos from it and liked it
    -because you had another similar addon that you did not like
    -you just love that aircraft and will buy it no matter what its cost is
    -because you like the company products.
    -any othe reason you want to share ?

    BTW i am not into marketing at all !

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    My main purpose is to look at scenery, then learn how to fly properly.

    So, I invested on REX 2, Ground Envorinment X series, Ultimate Terrain X series.

    What is your favorite?

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    Favourite can only be chosen by use after purchase, so for me it's far more than pretty externals. I want an involving flying experience, whatever that might mean for a particular addon.

    I certainly pay little attention to other simmers, as it's my choice and my requirement that will make for my enjoyment, no-one else's, but I do pay more attention to the products that receive good feedback. Just as I also keep a close eye on the ones that I think should fulfil my requirements, but receive less than effusive praise or are found to have faults that the developer doesn't want to address.

    For me, in the current climate, it's all about lifecycle. I simply cannot justify the money for something that I'm bored with twenty minutes down the line or where I'm expected to buy today, then wait for weeks or months while the developers irons out bugs.

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    Normally I choose a payware add-on because it adds realism and enjoyment to this great hobby of ours.

    VATSIM: P2 | I1

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    I guess what the payware addon is before you can start listing which criteria you set before you buy it.

    Mostly I'm looking at reviews on addons as the first step after I've found one that interests me. Poor reviews means I'm not likely to buy it.

    I much enjoy little touches like taxi/landing lights swinging to left or right as you taxi since they are attached to nosewheel, such as the PA-34 addon. Or proper startups from Cold&Dark like CS C-130. Functional FMC's, lights, pressurization and so forth add alot as well. Basically, when I pay for an addon, I want quality in both looks and functionality (for aircraft addons anyways). I'm a bit picky like that, since an aircraft, nomatter how accurate controls and dynamics are, I just won't fly it if it looks like it was drawn in MSPaint or worse. And I won't use an addon if it looks great but the controls and dynamics are on par with Wings of Fury.

    Also the FPS impact is a big importance, since nomatter how good an aircraft looks, or how well made and realistic it is, if you get 10FPS when flying it, then you aren't really flying but slideshowing.

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    In order of importance for me re: addon planes;

    1 A reputable developer with outstanding customer support, I won't buy anything from a dev, no matter how great the plane is, if they have an 'attitude'.

    2 It must have both 2D and VC cockpits

    3 Multiplayer compatible, the cockpit doesnt have to be fully functional for this, but at least allow a second user access

    4 Graphix, both interior and exterior

    5 Performance (FPS and smoothness)

    I always wait at least a month to see how other users report on it before a purchase, to see what problems it may have

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    Yes, that last is a perfect criteria. These days it truly does not pay to be an early adopter!

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    Maybe you should also run a survey on why some people (like ME) NEVER buy any payware. It amuses me to hear all that bla-bla about reviews, how it don't have this and it don't have that, how it LOOKS, how 'Ctrl+E' don't work (and can't find a switch), how on aproach it was raining and foggy and it didn't have wipers, how the nose wheel don't turn, or no taxi light, or no 'update' (as promised), bla-bla-bla. Then (and here is the kicker) you buy, install, and then you find out that you can't fly worth a hoot (haha). Need I say more?
    Chuck B

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    I'm inclined to agree with Chuck. I bought an Airbus compilation for FS98 and subsequently found most of the same planes available free. I haven't purchased a plane since. There are too many freely available, that rival payware in quality and function, it just isn't worth it to me.
    Other enhancements for scenery etc. are a different beast and I use criteria similar to others that have replied...Don

    [edit]If and when A2A releases their F-4 Phantom II, in Naval Aviation trim and Accu-Sim, I very well may get my wallet out.
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    There are only three developers whose products I will purchase out of the gate. Everyone else has to earn the Shekels...

    But on reflection, I do occasionally make the leap when there are other considerations than money - I bought Ants Tecnam because it was the right money yes, but also after the fun I had with the Tiggie, it was the right thing to do. As it happens it's also among the best light GA I've bought in the last year!
    And the new Sib Wings version of the Bird Dog is a hoot, now that Alex Metzger has had his hands on the flight model.

    And I've set funds aside for the all-new Diamond Katana 4X by Marcel Felde, as it's a long-standing personal fave aircraft of mine in the real world, and this one will be right ublike recent feeble efforts.

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