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Thread: ADE 9x not running with BGL Comp from FSX SDK. Running Windows 7 and FSX SP2

  1. Default ADE 9x not running with BGL Comp from FSX SDK. Running Windows 7 and FSX SP2

    Hi All,
    I recently purchased a machine with Windows 7 and one fast enough to run FSX. I tried running ADE 9x which I ran on my old machine (XP) with no problems. When I tried to compile, ADE said no, "Unrecognized BGL Comp". I checked threads in this forum and insured I followed the right steps. I've been hitting a brick wall trying to get the ADE Environment Checker to recognize the BGL Comp.exe file I have installed from the FSX SDK which I got from Disk 1 on the FSX Deluxe Edition DVD. I've set the SDK path and it finally accepted after several attempts but now the RTM block says my BGL Comp version is wrong. I have FSX SP2 installed and have had no problems with anything else. I sometimes miss the obvious, so if anyone wishes to hit me with it, it would be appreciated

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    Have you posted your problem on the ADE9X support forum at

    I am quite sure the issue is due to not having the proper version of BGLComp - but someone there could verify that and assist you in installing the correct one.

    This is also an excellent thread on the subject - it may answer your question directly.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    Don't think you'l get an answer on here.

    Get you self over to ADE Support Forum Then scroll down to TOOLS>TOOLS SUPPORT then you will see Airport Design Editor, thats the place to post this. You will get support from the Author of ADE.
    nb: you will need to register

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfitz75 View Post
    : I have installed from the FSX SDK which I got from Disk 1 on the FSX Deluxe Edition DVD..........I have FSX SP2 installed
    You have an incompatible older version of the SDK installed you are trying to use with an updated version of FSX.

    You have obviously applied FSX SP1 and SP2 to your FSX install, but not applied SP1A and SP2 to the SDK install. Yes, those have to be patched so that the SDK matches the version of FSX on your computer.
    Hello Dave

    @ PawPaw's house - near KADS, Addison, Texas, USA

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    Ah, the dreaded SDK SP1A and SP2. Gets me every time. Well that took care of the problem and I'm showing green across the board to proceed. Thank you very much! This forum hasn't let me down yet. Thanks to Dave Marshall and The "Hermit" for their speedy responses as well.

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