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Thread: Any Interest in an Update to SceneGenX or Airport For Windows?

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    Hello Tom,
    You know I'm very interested in the newest version of SceneGenX! When can we expect it?

    Ton Vincenten
    [email protected]
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    Hi Bill:
    A great surprise to hear from an able hand from the 'old days.' I've not tried X-Plane, and am interested to hear how it compares with FS9. Can you design scenery for it, or is it a closed box?

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    Hi Don:
    That's interesting. I thought FSX would spit out those old SCASM-based macros, assuming you've used them in your designs.

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    I think there are still people out there who would be interested in AFW. I was just using it (3.00 Build 184) a few hours ago along with EOD for a little project I'm working on/FS2004.
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    Hello Ricardo,
    Do you know what the latest version of AFW and/or SceneGenX is and how I can get it. I'm using now ScenegenX version 1.1, build 103.
    It works fine but I think it is not the latest version.

    [email protected]

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