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Thread: Improvements feelthere E175 v2

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    Default Improvements feelthere E175 v2

    These are the files of improvements (real values) for the EJETS Feelthere.

    - Weight
    - Fuel / Tank
    - Engine Turbine / ITT and ERP
    - Control
    - Primary Aerodynamics
    - Engine EGT
    - Oil / Temp and Press
    - Hydraulics
    - Flight Envelope
    - CG ride.

    I will post later improvements to the E195.


    Paulo Palmeira.


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    In so Feelthere:

    So I was just farting around to test the realism of the take off distance between 2 different take off thrusts. First take off was full rated power at 92% and the second was full derated with assumed temp of 60 degrees which gave 82%. I measured the distance of both take offs at 130kts. The difference in distance was only about 500 feet. I don't fly the EMB but I do fly the 737 and if we were to use these two different thrust ratings for take off there would be a LOT more difference than 500 feet. Also I noticed if you input into the FMS that you are using anti ice, the N1 doesn't compensate and the take off thrust remains the same.
    That being said if the bugs are worked out in this plane it sure will be sweet.




    the FDE is being reworked for SP1. this discussion is mute before it starts. for this reason i'm locking this thread.


    Why not remodeled in the six patches of v1? Why not reshaped in v2?

    They banned me from the forum because I did criticism of their product, I paid up and can question!

    Feelthere never again!

    Fly really an E175, download this update.

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    Thank you very much for your mod.
    I'm satisfied and I'm waiting your next if any (195)

    If you gave a couple of monkeys a box of ballpoints, enough paper, and enough time, they'd eventually finish up writing the complete works of Shakespeare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avechelice View Post

    Thank you very much for your mod.
    I'm satisfied and I'm waiting your next if any (195)

    Really liked to fly a EJETS?

    Avechelice, There will be.

    I'm waiting for some information about the E195 of friends that are pilot and mechanic Azul Linhas Aéreas (Brazilian airline that uses the E190 and E195).

    Let's say the improvements of the E195 is in Beta.

    Improvements to the E170 and E190 v1, are under development. All of the materials of real aircraft are with me.

    I just lack time. He had left! Wait!



    Paulo Palmeira.

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