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    Default Airport 2000 for FS98

    Hi all. Just recently started playing MS FS98. My old computer is too old play anything else. I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of Wilco's Airport 2000 v.2 for FS98 just lying around from the "old" days. FS98 is really fun but I think Airport 2000 v. 2 will take it to another level. Thanks in advance. If you do..please send me a PM. Thanks again for your time.

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    I've got a copy of that on the original CD. Sent you a PM!


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    Thank You CTarana. I was able to obtain it over the weekend. It really makes a difference especially with the new improved Airports. You wouldn't happen to have Megascenery Pacific Northwest Scenery 98 would you? I hear it covers Oregon, Washington and Vancouver pretty well. Thanks again for your kind offer and your time.

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    Or Airport 2000 Version 1? I hear it updates other Airports as well. Airports like LAX and JFK to name a couple. Thanks again.

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    Hello! I also looking for the Airport 2000 V.2 for FS98. Could you share it with me please? Please let me know.Thank you.

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