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Thread: Aeromexico Metal 772 Posky Repaint!

  1. Arrow Aeromexico Metal 772 Posky Repaint!

    Hey guys,

    University is sucking the life out of me but this weekend I managed to get the brush out. I present you with my latest repaint: Aeromexico 772! This isn't just an update of my last Amx. It features a completely new metal, new windows, a new tail, and well everything new.

    Enjoy my friends. Should be out soon

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    Wow that metal has a lot of detail put into it! I can see all the effect layers you put into that! It looks great, you should make an American Airlines with that metal it would awesome too! My overland American 777 was my first attempt at metal skin, it doesnt look as detailed as this!

    That is an awesome paint job, just being a little critique, maybe work on the reg # on wing it doesnt look right!


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    Wow thats what I call love for detail!

    I am sure there will be a lot of screens with this livery soon.

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    tnx alex Love the paint job well done
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    Thanks gents for the wonderful comments!

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    where can i download it ?

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    im not sure, check here or avsim library...

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    late but never late Looks a great paint job!
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    Can't find it anywhere......

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