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Thread: Free Add-Ons for Flight Simulator X

  1. Cool Free Add-Ons for Flight Simulator X


    Just wondering if anyone can point me to a good website that will allow me to download free add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I'm not interested in new landscapes -- just planes and/or helicopters.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Look at the blue bar above..Files..Search...Don

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    Alternatively if you're not searching for a specific type, go here and browse around-

    PS- make sure you're downloading the full aircraft and not just a livery, they tend to be mixed up together, grrr...

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    While there are numerous files which might be of interest to you in the library here, if Helicopters are of particular interest, you should also check out

    That site is dedicated to all things Helicopter related. If they don't have it, you probably do not need it.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    Smile free addons for fsx

    check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by svpst View Post
    check out
    If you don't mind being inundated with ads.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    The primary sites for freeware are FltSimCom, AvSim, Simviation and SurClaro. The other sites want donation to download, put tracking cookies in your PC, or bug you with pop-up ads. Simviation only does 1 pop-up and then it leaves you alone (but, it downloads at s-l-o-w download speeds).

    FSCom and AvSim are the best on all counts. My favorite is (honest) FltSimCom and I don't even go to AvSim anymore. That way I don't download 2 zips for the same aircraft (hehe).

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    Thanks, all! These are some great resources.


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    what about fly away simulation? they a safe place to download freeware stuff from or they trouble?

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