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Thread: how to set up dual throttle quadrants

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    Default how to set up dual throttle quadrants

    I have a Saitek Pro Yoke & Throttle quadrant combo. The throttle quad connects to the back of the Yoke's built-in USB hub via a PS/2 connector.

    I added a 2nd throttle quad, which also has a PS/2 connector, so I had to get a PS/2-to-USB adapter since there is only one PS/2 connex in the Yoke hub. (plus 3 USB receptacles). Connecting the new throttle assy results in no power to or even a power light to the 2nd throttle. I've switched the USB connex to different USB receptacles on the computer, to a powered USB hub and of course, to the Yoke hub. Yet, no dice. I've reversed the two assemblies to the Yoke hub and each will light up when connected directly via PS/2 connex, but never both at the same time.

    Is there something else I should do, or is it just not possible to have a double throttle array? What I want is a six-control quadrant (2 throttle 2 prop control 2 mixtures) to fly twin-engined aircraft.

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    Where did you get the second throttle quadrant? Did you get it from another yoke/throttle combo?
    My standalone Saitek throttle has a USB connection.

    PS/2 is a protocol for mice and keyboards, the connector is called mini din.
    The throttle quadrant from the saitek yoke will have it's own protocol and wiring and it will be incompatible with either USB or PS/2.
    Changing the wiring (which a simple PS/2-USB convertor does) will not change this.

    You need to connect it to the yoke it came from or get a standalone throttle quadrant with a USB connection.
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    It's definitely possible, it's a point Saitek advertises. Your best bet would be to go to the Saitek forums, no doubt the question has been asked there too.

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    I bought the yoke/throttle combi and then also bought a separate throttle quadrant, the yoke/throttle combi connected via that mouse looking connector and like jeeoen said the stand alone one was/is a usb connector, both of them I've connected to the rear of the yoke n all work ok, maybe the 2nd throttle box you bought was wrongly packaged and should have been a usb job??

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    Default how to set up dual throttle quadrants

    Thanks, my friend. You and others suggest that the second quadrant must be a stand-alone with USB connector, so I suppose I have to give up on trying to scavenge the throttle unit off a failed Saitek yoke. I've tried several times to contact Saitek, but so far they must be too busy to respond.

    I've gone to the Saitek Forum, and scanned a lot of posts, but didn't find an answer either.

    Maybe I'll just get a CH Products Yoke and separate six-control throttle unit. That would mate with my CH Rudders, which I like very much.

    It sure is expensive getting set up properly, isn't it?


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