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Thread: Boeing 797 Blended Wing Body

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    Not a very good concept in the RW. Try asking Check-in staff what seats the majority of pax opt for when asked. I really would not be interested in flying as a pax on one of these even if the operator was paying me to fly. Sorry, but these concepts have been proposed and cancelled many times before by sundry builders. All were abandoned, propably due lack of operator interest.

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    Sorry about the inappropriate comments in my previous Reply to this thread. Must have thought I was in The Outer Marker. Please, all of you, enjoy flying this new creation. Roy.

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    It's downloaded and I'm flying it! Tough landing it on the aircraft carrier!
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    Great model and VC!!! Thanks for your efforts!

    However, I'm having trouble getting the radio panel to come up. (shift+2) All that shows up is a black box.

    I also found an update that contained a panel.cfg and a aircraft.cfg file I tried those, and I also tried just copy and pasting the lines about the radiostack directly from the default B737_800.. still no dice.. can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm sure the knowledge is here in this site, but I don't know the right questions to ask I guess...

    Ireally want to do some ILS landings...


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    Thanks for the heads up on this aircraft Mike! I downloaded it, and plan to try it out very soon. It looks interesting.
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    There's a video on youtube of this same equipment in the same livery &c., departing London Heathrow. Actual rotation is thirteen odd minutes into the eighteen minute vid, but anybody who's been to LHR will find the taxi out of interest.
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    I think they should call it a Stingray! The shape seems about right. And it's certainly much more similar to a stingray than the Chevy of that name!

    Mr. Z, I guess you'll have to wait for another class of carrier for a bird like that!! Or, considering its' shape, perhaps make it amphibious.

    Or they could always sell one to the Suadis and they'd make a floating hotel out of it.

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    just use a good SSD and everything is fine. i use 1TB kingston and NO hd , windows xp and rrun more than 60 planes, original no AI planes, with FULL textures!

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