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Thread: Addictive Pitts S1-T

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    Quote Originally Posted by napamule2 View Post
    Quote: 'Hmmm, anorak or pilot? Please talk in terms of 'pilot' rather than computer techno!'

    Well, a trainspotter (or off shore radio enthusiast) I am not. I am a 70 yr old who is now retired and this is my hobby. It's addictive alright. I also fly helicopters. I can hold a knife edge. I drive vehicles in sim (my REAL passion). I had some raw footage of me flying the PITTS S-2B in FS9 and the Extra 300 in FSX so I posted a video at YouTube (so you can judge if I am a 'pilot'-since you are the 'cat's pajamas' due to being a 'real' pilot before-before jet fuel? (hehe)). Here is link: .

    I don't 'buy' my aircraft, I tweak them. The process involved is obviously way over your comprehension level an/or technical skill, so I will not bother you with any of that 'techno' mumbo-jumbo. At least I am not the one that's 'confused'.

    Oh dear, perhaps my use of the word 'anorak' was un-called for ... certainly the return volley hit quite sharply!

    I think I deserved it.

    Though I am not quite sure what age has to do with it I admit to being younger than you at a mere 52!!! I have been an avid user of FS since the early days and whilst I have learnt how to do some 'minor' performance tweaks, I fully accept, I am a novice.

    The video you made was excellent but I think may bring me on to the point I was trying to make.

    Some easy to fly sim's are just un-realistic. I cannot comment on the aircraft above .. unless the Extra you refer to was the default one and I won't risk offending Microsoft, it seems I've done enough of that.

    I think it is important to have slightly un-realistic but easy to fly sims too. It makes the FS world a fun place to be and I believe does encourage people to get out and visit their local flying club!

    Conversely, when I was instructing, I used to reccomend FS to my students to practice airfield approach, circuits and the like! I wish FSX was around then.

    I also think it important to have realistic sim aircraft too. There are quite a few excellent examples not all payware! For example, I have far more hours on the 'Real Air' Siai Marchetti SF260 (payware) sim than I could ever afford in real life! I was lucky enough to know two owners quite well though

    There are a lot of pilots out there that use FS. For us it is a huge bonus to find an aircraft sim that has a flight model that represents the real aircraft they fly or in my case, used to! Real World weather sliders to the max, autogen neutralised and off I/we go!!

    I just found one, and I am raving about it, it is more than fantastic. The Addictive Pitts is almost flawless ... okay It is flawless as far as it can go! No smell of avgas, no gut wrenching 'G' force, no threat of death if you get it wrong and above all no bills ... oh except for the paultry £20.00 quid or so it costs to download!

    And yes I was lucky enough to be in a position to own a share of a real one!!!

    So I challenge you to make a similar video with the Addictive Pitts and see what your experianced opinion is then?

    Meanwhile I apologise for offending you.

    Best regards


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    Quote Originally Posted by RatRace View Post
    Yes, but ... you a former co-owner and having flown the real thing (once upon a time), shouldn't you be writing a review for All you have to do is contact the webmaster [email protected]. Looking forward to your review soon
    .... but sadly, a writer I am not!

    I could not do it justice. One for FlightSim staff writers I think ... I would certainly give my twopence worth if needed!

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    Default Moving Forward

    Well, I layed it on didn't I (hehe). Don't get me wrong, I respect you being a Pitts pilot. You're a lucky dog. I guess buying the Addictive wouldn't do anything for me. I don't know if you ever noticed, but the indicated speed, and how fast the trees and houses go by, don't seem to 'jive' (going by memory and experience). If doing 160 kts 'feels' more like 100 kts with some a/c then I don't like it.

    So if it's supposed to be 'aerobatic' I soup it up a bit. Instead of 220 kts I make it go 320 kts and then I can say it's 'close' to what our perception believes it should look like. The Pitts in the video IS overspeed (but just for fun). I am aware it's not quite real. But that's the beauty of Sim-you can pretend. Like you say-no smell, noise, 'G limits', or risk. But I too appreciate real performance specs for all aircraft. It has it's place. I reiterate-the speed is not always what it should be (going by 'looks'). A 747 on aproach at 145 kts should NOT look like a STOL (ie: 80 kts)-that kind of thing.

    So no hard feelings. I can take it (but I can dish it out too (hehe)). Cheers.

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    Default 320 kts in a Pitts not the addictive way! what point did the wings come off

    Sort of what I said, that is the beauty of FS, you can do what you like!

    As well as flying my shiny new 'accurate' Addictive Pitts, I admit I am tempted to play with yours!!!

    I also like flying the F14 available on here (f14da106) ... high speed over photoreal landscape really gives the computer a full workout .. especially with weather sliders maxed!!!

    The F14 is too easy to be realistic... but I dunno, never flown a real one!
    Maybe they had to be easy to fly so the USN pilots could manage them!!

    Mainly though, I prefer sims to be realistic because I may have been a little spoilt with the real thing ... My Pitts was very nearly as good as the Addicive one!

    I suppose I could be actually be classed the 'anorak'!!!!


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    How come is it that I get the feeling that the people posting positive reviews for this are people that work for Addictive?!? I got this and the visual models are stellar but the flight dynamics are horrendus. Good luck doing a hammerhead because right at the top you have no rudder controll at all which I know from real life experience is completely wrong. It's sad to fly becasue the visual model is killer but the flight dynamics are what makes it depressing to fly.

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    I have it but don't work for Addictive, I just appreciate a job well done. "You can please some of the people some of the time,
    but not all of the people all of the time".

    I suppose your next misguided post will be to someone like 'PMDG' telling them that their models is [email protected] too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icraveakro View Post
    How come is it that I get the feeling that the people posting positive reviews for this are people that work for Addictive?!? I got this and the visual models are stellar but the flight dynamics are horrendus. Good luck doing a hammerhead because right at the top you have no rudder controll at all which I know from real life experience is completely wrong. It's sad to fly becasue the visual model is killer but the flight dynamics are what makes it depressing to fly.
    I admit to starting this thread because I wanted to shout out loud about how good the Addictive Pitts is, but I can assure you I do not work for Addictive or for that matter anyone in the industry! Hells-bells, I have enough problems working out how to tame my Mc Afee virus control

    Actually, as one of their first customers, I was asked to give my opinions which I did at great length. I would presume that others have been asked too but not in public!

    The views I give on here are my own!

    I canít speak of the other people you may be referring to but the only review I have seen was written by a professional journalist who also like us happens to be a pilot!

    I canít imagine his employers being too happy if he was moonlighting for Addictive!

    What other reviews have there been? I have not seen any!

    What Pitts do you fly in real life?

    What engine?

    Who built it?

    Pitts vary with every build and as far as I am concerned the hammerhead turn as we used to call it, is as I remember it!

    I used to run out of rudder a lot! But I was never very good in my opinion!!!!

    Mine, or to be more exact my part share ownership was a 1983 EMK manufactured S-1D!

    Actually I am amazed at the lack of any response from anyone representing Addictive on here, so what forums are you on? I really would like to know that.

    Have you tried the Real Air SF260 btw? Though I never owned one, I had the pleasure of knowing a couple of owners so I had a good few P1 hours in that before trying it, their sim is also pretty good within the constraints of FS. It doesnít shine a light on the Addictive Pitts though!

    P.S. Use spell check!

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    Controlled chaos is the way to put it best. This particular flight model is tad bit sluggish, so you may find it a bit easier.

    Hand flying these things is a dream. Proper trim is a must, especially for successful maneuvers.

    Rudder is key as well. Even for a simple 360 degree roll, you'll need some rudder input for whichever direction. Left roll, left rudder, vice versa. If not, the nose will wobble off center.

    Landing is as simple as slowing down enough. You can typically drop them down at 40kts.

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