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Thread: Commercial Developers Screen Shots

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    Exclamation Commercial Developers Screen Shots

    Normally, commercial product promotion is discouraged, however this forum has been set up specifically as a place where developers who are creating commercial products can provide screen shots and other information about their new and coming add-ons.

    For developers who want to more actively promote their products we do offer banner advertising at reasonable rates. Please contact me directly if interested: [email protected]
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    Thanks Nels! I'm pleased to see this. This will be a unique forum I'm sure..., and bring another step to being more unique as well.

    I'll be doing a post shortly to get things rolling...

    John Thuot II
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    That's a nice idea on your part Nels.

    Go John! Waiting to see your next post here...

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    Is this what all the foo-fra is about? Hey, seems like a good idea to me.
    Easier to find and better exposure for the developers. It's all good. Bob

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    Thank you so much for this Nels


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    Thank you Nels, nice move. indeed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragtopjohnny View Post
    Thanks Nels! I'm pleased to see this. This will be a unique forum I'm sure..., and bring another step to being more unique as well.
    As well as mighty accomodating, imo. Thanks, Nels.

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    Thanks for this forum, Nels.

    Gives the small, beginning developer a chance to show their wares. To add to this, how about a "Recruitment" forum, where developers, programmers, artists, etc. can meet up and recruit for either payware or freeware projects? Maybe put in it under the 'Designer Forums' banner? Sure would help match up us lonely ol' want-to-be-developers,

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