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Thread: Dynamic scenery/jetways for FSX using ADEX

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    Default Dynamic scenery/jetways for FSX using ADEX

    Can someone help me figure out how to install dynamic scenery, (such as the Orbit Airlines jets-for example) in a new airport I am creating for FSX using ADEX. I want them to be pushed back, roll toward the active runway, take off, etc. I would also like the traffic in the area to show up, land etc. Would I use the "ADD>Other Start position" for this? I am also having a problem making the jetways show up after using the "ADD>Jetways" function, even though my settings in FSX are set at Extremely Dense. When I use the stock jetway in the "ADD>Library Objects" they show up but don't function when an aircraft is at that specific gate. Any help here will be very appreciated.

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    Easiest way to set up your traffic is to use AIFP (Artificial Intelligence Flight Planner) You can set up departure and arrival time with this tool. Not to sure how to fix your jetway problem thought. I have use ADEX and added jetways with no problems.

    Here's the link
    There at tutorials on YouTube that will help you with your flight plans. Hope this helps.
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    He problably found a solution over the three years since his question was posted...... or moved on to other things


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