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Thread: ATC Stops working mid-flight

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    Default ATC Stops working mid-flight

    I've never had this problem before but now my last 3 IFR flights I have.

    The ATC works on the ground, through tackoff and generally through climb, but around cruise it just goes away and the only option left is "nearest airports list." I can no longer recieve any vectors or fly the rest of my flight plan.

    At no time am I turning my radios off or changing any settings before this problem occurs. It's not plane specific either and is happening in all 3 payware airliners I tryed. I've done the obvious things, like switching the freq back and forth, reloading a flight plan hoping to be able to request IFR in mid-air, and I've tried switching radios completely. Nothing brings back the option to tune to the given region's ATC to continue the flight plan.

    Just the nearest airports list and no other options ever come back.

    Anyone experienced this? In 4 years of having FSX, I've never had this problem and it seemingly showed up out of nowhere.

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    Double check if you are filing an IFR flightplan.
    Dave Opper
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    i'm having the same problems. Sometimes i can't respond to the tower, and i have to turn the frequency to something else and then tune back in.

    Other times i can't get any options in the ATC menu. To solve that I have to reset the flight.

    I think it has something to do with the fact that I always load saved flights and then sometimes switch plane. I dunno... Most of the times ATC works fine though.

    Kristian R.

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    bonchie123 Did you get an instruction from ATC that you could not respond to because of a blanc ATC window and then got told that your flight plan was canceled prior to this malfunction?

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    I never lose ATC if I tell the sim to always show the ATC window.

    However, if I set the sim to not show the ATC window, then I find ATC messages seem to cease after a handful or so of communications.

    And, when that happens, pressing the "`" key to display the ATC window to try to find out why ATC has ceased merely provides the symptom described ... the only option is usually "Nearest airports list." Turning the frequency to something else and then tuning back in, or flipping the COM1 frequency to COM2 and back etc does not work either. It's gone.

    And, no, I have responded to all frequency changes and messages as appropriate and the flight plan has NOT been cancelled. So it aint that.

    My solution? Leave the sim set to always show the ATC window. (However, I personally would prefer it if I could leave the ATC window off, but it seems beggars can't be choosers in this case.)

    Is this the same as what you guys are describing here?

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    Has this happened at the same location/airport? Were you running 2x or 4x at the time? Is this a stock airport, a freeware enhancement or a payware?

    If this is happening at one airport only then give this a try:

    The next time you take-off from that same airport, and once you are cleared for take-off, do not respond to any additional commands from ATC. Climb out and ascend as normal to your initial altitude. Observe the ATC window and do not respond to the message to contact "approach" or "departure" (this is the message you get after you take-off).

    At some point the ATC window will lose contact but will come back alive.

    I have observed this issue once flying out of KMRY towards KSFO or KOAK towards the north. Seems to be a communications void for a few minutes but if you respond at climb out you will be cut-off. Key is not to respond until you are out of the void area.

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