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    Default Bare Metal Textures

    For those of you interested in trying your hand at some Bare Metal Textures, please see the link below.

    Although this may be seen as cheating by some, I have achieved some pretty good results by using this method.

    It really is trial and error. Just remember to use layers, so if you make a mistake you can just delete the layer instead of starting all over again.

    Once you have pasted the segment of paint onto the paintkit, it is worth creating new layers and adding highlights and shadows until you are happy with the results.

    Here is a shot of the results.

    Another method that can be used is courtesy of Erick Cantu and can be found in the library. A set of Five metallic textures that can be pasted on to your paintkit in the same manner as above. With this method I would suggest that you copy the one layer until the complete paintkit is covered rather then scaling just the one layer to cover the whole paintkit.

    FS2000 Aluminum Textures

    Please note that using this method alone will not give you the nice shiny bodywork you are looking for. You will have to create and probably edit an Alpha Channel to increase/decrease the level of shine on the paintwork.

    As you can see here I've over done it a bit with the Alpha Channel.

    If I find any tutorials on how to hand paint Bare Metal I will post them here.


    Links updated 04.01.11.
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