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    Default Painting Toolbox.

    Work has started on the Painting Toolbox.

    Hopefully over the coming weeks the list will grow into some useful links to aid all you would be painters.

    To all you experienced painters out there, if you feel I've missed something out or you would like to contribute in some way please feel free to PM me with the details.

    To start off with, here a some links to helpful resources.

    Freeware Paint kits, for those who fancy trying their hand at painting.

    Project Airbus.

    Project Airbus A318 Paint Kit.
    Project Airbus A319 Paint Kit.
    Project Airbus A320 Paint Kit.
    Project Airbus A321 Paint Kit.
    Project Airbus A380 Paint Kit.

    Project Opensky

    For the Project Opensky paint kits please see this archive. Many thanks to Foxtrot789 for posting the link.


    Boeing 767-200 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 767-300 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 767-400 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 767-400 Paint Kit Fix.


    Boeing 747-8i Paint Kit.

    Tenkuu Developers Studio.

    Boeing 727-200 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 737-600 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 737-700 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 737-800 Paint Kit.

    Boeing 737-900 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 787-8 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 787-9 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 787-10 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 737 Max 8 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 767 Max 9 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 757-200 Paint Kit.
    Boeing 757-300 Paint Kit.

    Payware Paint Kits.

    Commercial Level Simulation.

    DC-10 Paint Kit.
    Airbus A330 & A340 (200/300) Paint Kit.
    Airbus A340 (500/600) Paint kit.CLS 747-200/300 Paint Kit.
    A36R, A310 & Beluga Paint Kits.
    Boeing 767-200/300 Paint kit.
    MD-81/82 Jetliner Paint Kit.


    Various Paint Kits.

    Overland Simmer's Sky


    Airbus A300-600R.
    Airbus A319, A320, A321.
    Airbus A330.
    Airbus A340.
    Airbus A380.


    Boeing 737NG.
    Boeing 747-400.
    Boeing 767-300ER.
    Boeing 777-200.
    Boeing 777-300.
    Boeing 777-300ER.

    McDonnell Douglas.

    McDonnell DouglasMD11.


    CalClassic Paint Tutorial

    Freeware Editors.


    Payware Editors.

    Adobe Photoshop
    PaintShop Pro Photo X3

    Texture Manipulator.


    Aircraft Photographs.

    Company Logos.

    Best Brands Of The World

    Japanese Boeing

    Links and content updated 31.10.16. Various Tenkuu Developers Studio Paint Kits added.

    Tenkuu Developers Studio 757 and 787-9/10 Paint Kits added 09.08.19

    Project Opensky Archive link added.

    Please message me if you find any of the links to be dead.


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