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Thread: Do you have a goal with FSX? What is it?

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    Default Do you have a goal with FSX? What is it?

    I guess my goal is to understand and be practiced at all the features of FSX, for there not to be anything there that I don't know how to use, no cockpit instruments or controls whose usage I'm not familiar with.

    I'd be interested to get an idea as to why other peole use FSX, what their goals and progress to their goal is.

    My progress is:

    All the default FSX missions completed (using mission pointer, I need to redo them all without this).
    All lessons completed (but checkrides not passed).
    About 50% of the online docs studied.

    Once I feel I know everything, next goal will be to look into scenary/aircraft/mission development - I guess it never ends...
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    No goal here, just entertainment i guess, its better than watching some terrible shows on TV like Biggest loser or the greatest race.
    Walter Ray

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    My goal, finish my round the world trip, then who knows??
    I used to fly jets, but I got fed up with them calling me a retard every time I tried to land...

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    Relaxation and an escape from the real world.

    I don't want to get too deep into the technical details.
    I'm not a pilot and never will be, so I may as well have some fun.
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    Kill time when I,m not flying R/W(C150L N1472Q)

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    Getting it to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyStein View Post
    Getting it to work!
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    Default Inporting

    I want to inport everything I can into FSX to see if they work. Very few won't work, and if it won't work it is due to model 'type'. I have stuff from FS2002 and FS2004 in FSX.

    The trick is to find a panel FSX will accept to use with those 'inports'. This part of my hobby (inporting) takes up most of my simming time anymore. I've already been around the world. Learned to fly helicopters (since FS98, done did Hovercontrol, etc). Can land on Carriers like it was child's play. Done all the missions. I am finished with the 'INTERNET' (hehe). Getting 30 fps (locked at 50) so did fsx.cfg tweaking chores already.

    So I look for models (vehicles, boats, UFO's, etc) and tweak them until they 'fit' (or 's__t can' them if they don't). And I do it daily and am never bored.

    A 'goal' is something you (finally) 'reach'. So this might not qualify as I have so much 'work' that I can stay busy for years. Today I downloaded a 'Ramp Tractor' (tug) 'TG5000', originally for FS2000, by Hauger Fredo (his frist model-he did a great job on it), and got it working in FS9. Tomorrow I'll try it in FSX. And that's how 'simming' is for me.

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    Goal #1: finish the entire "FSX for Pilots" training book. Progress: just starting IFR procedures. I'll be a good while with it...... hey, it's at least fun dreaming!
    Goal #2: finish redoing the local airport. Gotta get some decent pictures/measurements of the building next. But it's on the back burner for now.

    One of my earlier "goals" was also to finish the misisons -- which I did, all except for Acceleration (finished before I got Accel.).

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyStein View Post
    Getting it to work!
    You're not the only one!

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    Good job Iain!

    My goal, to buy FSX! I'm still using FS9. I love FS9, I'm sure FSX will be OK too. My goal, I'd like to fly jets, Learjets to 747's. I have very modest goals in life, wish to have a supermodel girlfriend, drive to the airport in a replica 72 Ferrari 512M (I like old cars they still have a little get up and go in them), park on the tarmac and board my own Gulfstream 5, and fly it to visit all the beaches in the world. You know just ordinary stuff like that!

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