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Thread: Where are you flying and in what?

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    Cool Where are you flying and in what?

    I am currently flying a an old DH-106 Comet from Chicago to Des Moines. Great flight, weather's great, a little windy, landing will be a challenge. LOL

    "No accidents in one year"

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    Hi Turbo!

    Sorry it took 2+ years for a reply! I've downloaded DOZENS of aircraft and helicopters for FS2000. I even have a few UFO's and unconventional aircraft like SuperCar, Fireball XL-5, etc...

    Seems my favorite is a blue, Air Canada 727, that was turned into a private jet. I take it from Bangor, Maine to Boston and back. I can't get enough speed to take off from Augusta. So I have a small jet to take me to Bangor.

    I have a beautiful Boeing 787 I just got. I flew into Southwest Regional Airport in Fort Myers, Florida the other day. Then I flew to Tampa, then Orlando. Beautiful plane!

    When I fly around Boston and NYC, I like to use my Bell 47 Helicopter. What a little dream craft that is! Man...I could go on for a half hour, here! That's what I've been doing lately. I like the military aircraft. I've flown the C-5 Galaxy a few times. I also like my C-141 StarLifter! The SH-60 BlackHawk Helicopter is a dream to fly.

    OK! Anyone else?


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