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Thread: Text-o-Matic not working and I'm stuck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Golding View Post
    I have both installed with no problem so feel free to just OK any requests. Also, do you know the files to be overwritten are 747 files? Did you manually check your FS folders for any leftover 727 files and delete them/

    As I've said, the 727 package provides you with a template to create the Continental livery by default i.e. it's not an option, everyone gets the Continental template. Once you've got the 727 installed again and can actually see the template, we can then try and find out why you have a problem with adding any more.
    I got my 727 wings back after your advise to just "OK" the message I got and I'm flying the 72 again. Not sure which files were overwritten but it doesn't appear to have affected any thing at this point.

    T-O-M however still doesn't work. No sign of the Continental livery or any others for that matter in the T-O-M window. Like before, I can select the first option - "Aircraft" and then I choose "Boeing 727-200 32 bit textures". After doing so, a check mark appears in that circle and the "Tail number" circle. All other circles can be modified except for the "Template" choice. Regardless, the window to the right is blank that should be showing the various liverys. Note: I can see all the livery choices when looking into the directory in T-O-M called "Textures". Continental, Northwest, Eastern along with the five additional ones that I loaded are all there.

    One other thing I noticed and I'm not sure if it is significant, when I using the 727 Configuration Manager and choose an option like B727-200 passenger and click "Save" and "OK", then do the same for the seating arrangements and click "Save" and "OK", then close it and go back into the program, none of my choices were saved. In other words, all my choices resorted back to the default.....B727-100 cargo setup.

    Originally, both T-O-M didn't work and I had to go the "SmartSubClass.dll" route and so perhaps something didn't take there and that's why both programs aren't 100%?

    Regardless, I'm flying again (Eastern Livery B727-200) and my PMGD works too!

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    I'm stumped as to why this is a problem.

    I've just installed the 727 into a clean install of FS9 on a new Windows 7 PC. I open T-O-M and under aircraft select the 727-200 pax, click on Template and a box opens saying no template selected so click the circle icon next to the message and the Templates folder opens and clearly shows he Continental template. Select it and carry on through the other items and create a livery.

    Maybe you could post some screenshots of what you're seeing.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    For reasons I can't explain, last night I clicked on T-O-M and was able to operate it. I tried again just for the heck of it and after doing some updates listed below. After my last post a week or so ago, I haven't done any more work to try and get T-O-M to run.

    The only thing done to my PC was the usual automatic MS updates and I installed the Navigraph nDAC3 last night (before trying T-O-M). For some reason, I think installing that program fixed my issue or perhaps it was one of the MS updates? I think one of the MS updates was to the .NET Framework but I could be wrong.

    Can't figure this out for the life of me but I am now able to repaint B727-200 with T-O-M using my various new livery colors (Alaska, Delta, Republic, Continental and United).

    Thanks for your efforts and thanks for all your work!!!


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    Sorry to necro this thread, but it so exactly describes my problem in the OP there is no need to offer a better description.

    I just purchased the Dreamfleet 727 for FS2004 from Flight 1, installed it, and Text-o-Matic won't work in the exact same behavior as described in the OP.

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit and the Dreamfleet 727 seems to be flying just fine. I've tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, and everything about the plane seems just fine, but Text-o-Matic won't display even the Continental -200 texture set from the template that comes with the Dreamfleet 727 that Paul Golding describes a few posts below, let alone the repaints from the Livery Pack 1 and Livery Pack 2 that I downloaded from Flight 1 when I bought the plane.

    Is there still anybody out there from Flight 1 or Dreamfleet that can help?


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    Quick update with more info. The 727 Configuration Manager also won't work, and I get this error message when I try to run it...

    Run-time error '429':
    ActiveX component can't create object

    The 727 seems to working fine, although I haven't had a lot of time to test everything yet (it is a very nicely detailed aircraft model). So just looking for help with the Configuration Manager and Text-o-Matic, neither of which will run.



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    If you are using Win7, the 429 error can be fixed by running a utility called dx7vb.exe

    If you do a search on this (727) forum or the F1 ATR forum you will see many references to it. Unfortunately, the links to the utility are now no longer valid.

    I have a copy of it and am willing to send it to you if you PM me with your email. Please note however, that my antivirus (AVG) these days detects it as a virus ! I suggest you do a detailed search of the forums to see if you can google and download the actual files that dx7vb.exe creates, and try that instead of trusting me when I tell you that it is ok to run !

    If you still wish me to send it to you let me know. Perhaps your AV won't detect it as a false positive.

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    Update.... have a look at this thread...the link to the file is still valid. This was a vista/win7 issue.

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