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Thread: The short list of excellence

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    Default The short list of excellence

    The finest FDE's, imo

    Not in order of excellence, they are comparable.

    1. SGA - DC-10, DC- 9, MD-80's, MD-95/B717
    2. Vistaliner 727's -100, Early, Late, Convertible Freighter, QC - 200 Early, Advanced, RE Super 27, F Early, F Advanced, F RE Super 27
    3. Kittyhawk 737's - 200, 300, 500, 700, 800 including wingtip (not sure if there is a 900)
    4. Tin Mouse 737's - 200's
    5. PA Airbus 320, 319, 318
    6. AFG SUD Caravelle

    These are all good hand flyers, these ALL will capture the localizer with NONE, or a minimum, of the left - right - right - left corrections.

    The most outstanding hand flyer, again imo, the AFG SUD Caravelle! I find myself doing entire flights without touching the AP

    I have 12 years, and thousands of hours experience, I know these aircraft are outstanding!

    The point to this? Well, frankly, some of the ones not on the list absolutely STINK! But you may not know it. And some of those are rather 'famous'

    If your favorite is not on this list, and you think what you are flying is good, try one from this list, you probably will be pleasantly surprised

    The AFG SUD Caravelle, SGA DC-9's, Vistaliner 727's are all conveniently locate here,

    Kittyhawk, Tin Mouse and other SGA's are available at and Avsim.

    Yes there are other good FDE's in other types of aircraft, for example the AFG NAMC YS-11 is outstanding, but this IS SGA, a jet airliner forum, si?
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    Wow!! folks are still flying those old birds.....


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    ...and going, "Wow!" Fraser.

    Thanks for lending us your talent!

    "Fly Southern, Y'all"


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