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    I used panel config to modify my Baron panel. Everthing was great for a while then, my rudder peddals stopped working and I can't get to the menu bar anymore at the top of the screen by pressing ALT or any other means that I can figure out. So I can no longer get to FSUIPC. I am thinking about totally starting over and reinstalling FS 2004. Any hints to make this go smoothly? I saw some posts that this can be troublesome if certain files aren't deleted.
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    At the risk of tooting my own horn, I highly recommend you get and follow this guide:

    Name: Size: 62,944 Date: 06-30-2008 Downloads: 2,226
    Uninstalling And Reinstalling FS2004 - Some Tips and Tricks. Sooner or later almost everyone will be faced with the need or desire to uninstall FS2004 and do a clean reinstallation. This offering - in .doc and .pdf formats - outlines the procedures with the goal of making the entire process as painless and fool-proof as possible. The recommendations are based on personal experience and the experience of many others. There may be some important items which you have never considered. Please unzip to a tempory folder. Compiled for your flying enjoyment by David "Opa" Marshall.

    Good luck.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    thanks Ill give it a try.

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