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Thread: AICarriers2 is not functioning within Windows 7

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    Unhappy AICarriers2 is not functioning within Windows 7

    I don't know if this was addressed before but I have FSX Acceleration with Windows 7. I have installed the Java JRE 5 and 6 to make AICarriers2 work and so far failed with the Error window with the first line stating: Cannot assign requested address: Connect.

    I have exhausted myself looking everywhere and have found no assistance. So far those that had similar problems as myself solved it with Windows XP, which makes me concerned as to whether the problem was installing Windows 7 in my computer. Is there anyone who knows how to solve this dilemma or know which website to go to know what is my problem with AICarriers2?

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    Can't realy help but don't think going back to XP is the answer. I have the"Jave 6 updates" running on windows 7 64bit and acceleration. Ai Carriers 2 is running perfectly. Maybe it's the update that's required? There's 2 versions, one for 32 & 64bit so worth installing the correct version for your operating system.Good luck!
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    Can you please post the specifics (options or file names) to find out the 32 or 64 bit version. Also I do not have it clear, if you are making reference to the Java 6 or to the AICarriers 2. When I run the AICarriers 2 setup I did not find any reference to the 32/64 bit item.
    Thank you

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    I have Aicarriers 2 working in win7 64 bit as well/ Just make sure you download and install java6. Now do you have FSX in the default programmex86 folder. if you do its going to cause you no end of grief, due to security isues.
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    1. Completely uninstall Java from your computer.
    2. Install Java version 6.17. For some reason any version
    above 6.17 will not work with AI Carriers 2.
    3. If you have a 64 bit OS, make sure to install both the 32 bit
    and the 64 bit versions of Java 6.17.
    4. Also, double check that the Nimitz carrier and AI Carriers 2
    are properly installed.
    5. Disable the Auto Update feature of Java.

    Check out this thread of someone else who had the same problem.
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    It sounds like you are trying to run the aicarriers.exe directly. You don't need to do that. Start up FSX and look in Add-ons. AI Carriers should be there.


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    see finding the aircraft carrier uss_nimitz_ike

    some hints and tips with pictures

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    You mentioned FSX in default program86???? My is set up that way ,what do i do? Thanks...

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    Go here and I hope with pictures things may assist with your problem.

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    Gents, I do not know if this will help or not, but this is the problem that seemed to me did not allowed me to run AICarriers in W7:
    I downloaded Java for 32 and 64 bits, as I did not know which one would AI like. Did not work, so I went to elimination process, because one of the Javas should work. Uninstalled the 32 bits, and bigo! AI start running!!

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