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Thread: GPS Viewer Released

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    Default GPS Viewer Released

    A companion to BlackBox2, GPS Viewer is a simple utility that generates xml code to display selected Microsoft Flight Simulator GPS variables while flying. It does not create a stand-alone gauge. Instead, the generated code must be pasted into the xml code of a host gauge that communicates with the gps.dll module.

    GPS Viewer generates xml code in either FS9 or ACES format and can be used with FS9 / 2004 or FSX. It is a Microsoft Excel application that contains macros to drive Excel User Forms (input forms).

    For those adventurous enough to begin working with the MSFS GPS module, this utility might help the debugging process.

    It is freeware that can be dowloaded at



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    Default V. 1.1

    Version 1.1 now on the website. Slight modification that removes the "@c" abbreviation, eliminating GPSViewer's need for <Macro Name="c">C:fs9gps</Macro> to appear in the Host Gauge. Also lists "SET ONLY" variables for reference.

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