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Thread: reinstall after installing Autogenius ?

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    After installing Autogenius (great replacementfiles) I have the impression that my ground textures are loading very slow . Sometimes I am already near the ground as the textures begin to develop . The result is too blurry.So I putted my backup agn-files back in scenedb/world/texture , but nothing changed ! I don't know what to do : reinstall or not ... Someone has a better idea ?

    Thank you,


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    What are your system specs, video card and all that. I haven't had this probelm, it most likely is a video card issue. I have had autogenius for a while and I love it, made a world of difference on my system....I can probably help ya I just need to know what your system specs are to start out with...It's always a good rule of thumb to post your specs when asking a question...related to fs behavior.... :):):)

    :-wave :-wave

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    Need a defrag?
    Peter Sydney Australia

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    if you cranked up the autogen slider like the author of autogenious reccommends you might have forgot to set it back down. This would use more computer rescources and cause the ground textures to have trouble keeping up.

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    sorry for the late answer...
    my specs :

    1ghz Pentium 3
    256 MB RAM
    64MB NVIDIA Geforce 2 ultra GTS
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
    MS Windows 98 SE

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