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Thread: What Military flight sim do you recommend the most?

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    Mach3Plus, thank you so much for the links. I really missed Falcon 4. (I'm rubbing my hands together in grinning anticipation) WoooHooooo!


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    You cannot compete with FreeFalcon or Openfalcon. Sadly, both come with problems. But these problems are minor compared to what you get in return.

    To think that these flight sims are developed by people who develop it in their own time is amazing. I tip my hat to their talent.

    Anyone who hasnt tried either will love them both. Openfalcon is limited in that they have sadly lost their executable - so only minor tweaks can be made. But offers the most fluid moving and realistic F16 flight sim available. Freefalcon development goes on, but is subject to twitchy movement (planes twitch and move unrealistically in the air) at the moment but offers unbelievable scope when you consider you can fly lots of different aircraft and have most of the cockpits available. They have recently ironed out most of their campaign issues too.

    Give them a try.

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