Welcome everyone to the new Flight Videos Forum here at FlightSim.com. As in most situations, some guidelines need to be put forth so that our forum here remains a positive, enjoyable place to share our enjoyment of flight, either real or simulated.

--Video links can be embedded or individually listed in a thread.

--There is a 10 video limit per thread. Do not post 10 videos and then respond to that post with more videos.

--Do not post videos of copy writed material. This includes the music that may be a part of the video.

--Commercial members or those associated with a commercial product may not post videos of their products. Customers are free to post such videos.

--Videos must be flight related, either real or simulated flight.

--Comments to videos are most welcomed and must remain within the general posting guidelines set forth here at FlightSim.com.

--These guidelines are subject to change as necessary.

--Have fun!!