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Thread: Clamps for CH Yoke usb

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    Default Clamps for CH Yoke usb

    I have the CH yoke usb.

    Does anybody know if CHproducts sell replacement clamps (with fittings). I finally got my yoke repaired (with the help of members) but there is no way of fixing the unit to the desk. Inside the unit are only the nuts that held the clamp units.

    I have searched CH products for clamps but can only see the exenders for the pro yoke.

    I like the look of this yoke and it appears to be a great bit of kit. But I am still not able to fly as I cannot secure it to the table.

    Can anyone suggest a system that will secure, or put me in touch with anyone that can provide replacement clamps and fitting.

    Regards once again


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    Hi Ross - me again

    Not sure I understand exactly what's missing on your yoke.

    You have the base of the unit with two holes. Into the holes are threaded rods which go through an L shaped pad. When you tighten the knob on the rods, it pushes the L shaped pads up under the lip of the desk. ARe you saying that you don't have any of this?

    Just some quick thoughts JIC replacements aren't available -

    get a small piece of plywood slighty larger than the yoke base. Get some adhesive backed velcro strips and securely attach the yoke to the board.

    You can get small C clamps at most hardware stores - use them to clamp the board to the desk - use pads so you don't mar the desk. It's a jury rig but it should work just fine if you can't find replacement parts - probably would be cheaper than getting replacements too.

    Good luck!


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    try "ch" they do sell spare parts under there tech support menu you can probally order what you need from there.

    PS: I dont see the clamp there but if you give them a call they might be able to help you.
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    I made a model of the clamp that holds down the CH Products 200 615 yoke and had it printed. It works great. You should be able to download the STL file from the link below. It may or maynot work with other models. You can buy the long center bolt at any hardware store. Mine is 4.5 inches long and 1/4-20 threads. You can tighten it iwth a wrench (do not overtighten) or buy a knob which most hardware stores carry. If they don't have a bolt that long, try asking for threaded rod.

    Yoke clamp for CH products 200 615
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelly View Post
    try "ch" they do sell spare parts under there tech support menu you can probally order what you need from there.

    PS: I dont see the clamp there but if you give them a call they might be able to help you.
    Yes they do. I've ordered springs, knobs, potentiometers, and they also had these clamp extenders which fit the yokes and also the throttle quadrant...

    Click image for larger version. 

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