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Thread: Changes to flight plans ?

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    Default Changes to flight plans ?

    I am now using AI Flight Creator to build flight plans. I could load them into FSAOM with no problem thrue ttools. Now I am getting a message to answer yes, load the flight plan and the changes will be made. I have tried every way I know how to do this. Any IDEAS PLEASE ?

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    Default found the proglem

    Well I found my problem, but have no idea how to fix it. When you up date a flight plan, when you load it in FSAddon, it is suppose to deleat the old flight plan it is holding-aircraft file-airport file-flight plan file. I found it is deleating the aircraft file and airport file but not the flightplan file. I reloaded FSAddon but it still does not work, something is going on. Does anyone have a simple AI manager without all the bells and whistles ?

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    Default figured it ot, just delete the flight plan, use delete button and bring restaer fsadd

    just use the delete button and reopen ffadon the new one pops in duhhhh lol

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