I've finally figured and ironed out most things in the EZZwalkcamera- awesome add on. I downloaded the USS Nimitz package from the file library and it is stunning. The entire enterior is modelled and it is great fun to use. Just a few queries though.

1- The mouse is used to look around. No probs in World Walk cam, its a bit like a first person shooter (lol, without the shooting). But the mouse look is also apparent in the VC and exterior cameras. I figured how to get rid of it in the VC, but it is a pain in the exterior views. Any way to get rid of it?

2- Whenever watching replays, the carrier is nonexistant, so I can't watch my landings

3- I can't make the carrier move, because the camera does not move with it. Again, solutions?

4- Where do I place the camera so it is on the carrier when I load it? Basically, If I save a flight and place the cam in that position, next time I open the flight, the carrier isn't there. If I open the menu of AICarriers and place a ship in the user position, it is invisible.

Thank you