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    Default Tyler FSAddict Bloom


    What are we going to do with you?

    Congratulations on getting your new opportunity with DAL I wish you all the luck. I was just recalling that in December you stated that you were a 14 year old kid so I guess with the advent of new technology you have become like some characters on a few TV sitcoms that jumped from being toddlers one season to being teenagers the next season so tell us what sort of time machine you have at your house or has this happened since you got your new PC---pretty awesome dude.

    I was starting to think that indeed you had learned from past mistakes/experience here in the forum, I guess I was wrong, I would suggest that this time you dont come back with apologys mentioning that you listen to a streaming audio at another website and are ready to reform your ways and creating another screename/account, havent you learned that your quickly found out?

    I guess my best advise to you is to take a long break away from here enjoy life perhaps work towards getting a real PPL, get some real flight time behind you, realize there is a big diference between MSFS and the real thing that being DOING IT, and then rejoin the discussion.

    Once again wishing you only the best,I think there are people in this forum who care for you, you dont have to be drastic in your approach to get our attention we are listening.

    Take care.

    Jeff K. dont Delete this for a Day or two feel free to lock it.
    Thanks Dreamfleet for this Awesome Jet

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    tailboom Guest

    Default dunno why, but.....

    'ole Tyler behind the yoke of a real plane!?!?! Think'n of that makes me real queazy...:-eek

    .....Hizzoner P. Wigley Esq. P.C.
    :-lol :-lol

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    FSAddict Guest

    Default RE: dunno why, but.....

    Please dont be mean to me. I am sorry. Thanks for those inspirational words.

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    tailboom Guest

    Default what exactly, did you expect..........

    Ruck up buddy, get back on the Prozac, just be, um.., uh.., er.., well, whoever ya are....:-wave:-wave

    .....Hizzoner P. Wigley Esq. P.C.
    :-lol :-lol

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    xplanefanatic Guest

    Default RE: Tyler FSAddict Bloom

    That is a very good way to look at it. If you want attention all you have to do is ask for it. No one likes to be lied to, therefore that will get you nowhere. I really don't care if you are 14, or a pilot or just a patron of this forum just do not lie.

    Bottom line here is this, no one is better or worse than another here. This is a place that people believe in, a place that many spend hour upon hour to help others, there is no cause better than to help one in need. We have all been newbies, even the vets one day were new to the hobby or profession whatever the case may be. This forum is built on the honor system, we will believe what one says, we will believe that which we see. When someone violates that trust, a lot of us (although I can only speak for myself) take it personally to a degree. I love this forum and in my condition I spend a few hours almost daily here, asking questions and answering some too. An apology, great I don't need to here an apology it's just words, the proof is in ones actions, is in ones demeanor. I help everyone here that I can and I think that others feel the same way. It hurts when someone lies, it hurts no matter who it is, how close you are to them, no matter how far geographicaly, no matter of skin color, religion, man or woman, no matter how old or young. It hurts. It wounds the integrity of which this forum stands on. That is all.

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    Default RE: Tyler FSAddict Bloom

    Well, since a few posts slipped into this thread during the locking process, I'll unlock it again just to add this--

    nicely done guys! :-)

    Now, back to locking it. ;-)

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