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    Hello all. For some reason the Config-O-Matic isn't working for the Cardinal that I installed. I purchased the plane about a year ago and I originally had it installed on my old computer and it worked fine. I have a new computer that has FS9 installed on it and for some reason I can't get the Config-O-Matic to work. The old computer that I had was running Windows XP and the one I have now runs Vista Home Premium. When I click on the Config-O-Matic, I get an error saying "Configomatic has stopped working" and the dialog disappears. I really like this plane and would like to have all the features working, please help.

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    The Cardinal was originally for FS2002 and updated for FS2004, so its quite likely that the Config-o-Matic isn't Vista-compatible.



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    Thanks for the information. I found a complicated way of getting the aircraft configured with the avionics and everything that I wanted. It's a tedious process but it works, but thanks again for the reply.

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    what was the way you found? I'm having similar issues...

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    You're unlikely to get an answer from a 5 year old post. Take a look at this , it also applies to Win7.


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    Thanks for the reply... hadn't looked at the dates, and TY for the link!
    And the file worked like a charm!!!
    You have NO idea how much I missed "My Plane"!!!!

    TY TY TY!!!!!

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    You're welcome - I still have the Cardinal (both FS9 and the new FSX) on my system too...


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