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Thread: Ttools aircraft

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    Default Ttools aircraft

    How do I ger all my AI aircraft into ttools ? thanks

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    Default ttools

    You must put your aircraft in the aircraft text file. read the aircraft.cfg file and look for the title of the plane. That is what you want to add to the list. See the attached file. I only have two added aircraft now. The bottom two are the Southwest 737 and the Mike stone c17. I'll be glad to help with any other ttools questions.
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    Default A#

    Where do I pick up the aircraft number ?


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    Start where you want. You can start with #60 if you want. It's up to you.
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    Also be aware that you can create as many Traffic files as you may wish.

    They just must have a unique name.

    Each traffic file will have three basic components: airports_XXXX.txt, aircraft_XXXX.txt and flightplans_XXXX.txt

    Using the above as an example, the compiled files would be named Traffic_XXXX.bgl

    You can use AC#1 over and over again in each of the unique aircraft.txt files - but do not duplicate AC numbers in any individual aircraft.txt file.

    FS treats each compiled traffic file individually so in those cases, using the AC numbers again is possible.

    I often make traffic files for an individual airport and only include the airports which will be actually used (not the huge list of all FS airports) and only include the actual aircraft I wish to use - instead of the larger list of default aircraft.

    With a little practice you will see how easy all this becomes.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    Default It works :)

    I down loaded AI FlightPlan Utilities and AI Flight Creator programs by Dave Westbury and after a long learning curve it is really simple to use. ( my heardy thanks to Dave), I was a real pest but the programs are great. I am populating one by one. Learning a lot about ttools.

    Thanks to all in here. Found a use for this web site lol. A lot of help here, just not from addon manager, but I use the program all the time. I have not flown a plane in flight sim since I dont know when but love to build.

    Thanks all

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    Default Dave

    I am using the programs to populate small airports with GA traffic. I fly from larger ones to small ones in NC/USA where I live and am familur with. I will call the flight plan NC. If I do that in each state turn them on as needed I with fs manager.Again I enjoy watching as much as flying, I kind of know I built that so to speak.

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    There's nothing like having custom made flightplans flying around your hometown airport. I frequently program an aircraft to follow me on my flightplans from one destination to another. I have the default Airwave airline serving all of the southern US as well as linking all the major airports here in TN. Cargo DC3's are flying around the area as well. Just makes FS more alive.

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    Default Maytn

    Small world, I lived all my life in central NC, now retired in Johnson City TN.

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    cool! Yup..Airwave serves
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