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    Default Ai Traffic Builder Program

    I would like to learn to build AI traffic plans. Can anyone reccomend a program to do this with. I would like to add GA to certain airports Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by airfree View Post
    I would like to learn to build AI traffic plans. Can anyone reccomend a program to do this with. I would like to add GA to certain airports Thanks
    There are many free programs available and each of us has their own favorite.

    I use this one (available in the library here):

    Name: Size: 1,860,170 Date: 10-20-2008 Downloads: 1,713
    FS2004 AI Flight Creator version 1.7.5. AI Flight Creator is a utility designed to create AI flight plans for Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2004 and FS2002. Built in support for TrafficTools. The most difficult part of creating a new flight plan is to convert local time into GMT (UTC) to have the flights depart on time, both locally and internationally. AI Flight Creator allows you to select any Time Zone in the world, enter a local departure time and it will automatically convert the local time to GMT (UTC) time for your flight plan. Also supports Daylight Saving Time (DST). AI Flight Creator also has the ability to filter flight plans and display only the departures or arrivals for a selected airport. It can randomly generate aircraft registration numbers with a user-defined prefix. Also provides support for weekly departures and touch and go's. You'll need a copy of Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools (TTOOL202.ZIP) to compile your new flight plans. Version 1.7.4 adds a flight plan edit feature. AI FlightPlan Creator is a companion utility to the AI FlightPlan Utilities package (AIFPE154.ZIP) The previous version (1.74.) had 1611 downloads. By Dave Westbury.

    This is a fascinating aspect of our hobby which I am sure you will enjoy.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    thank you very much

  4. Default Can't see AI on the runway.

    hello David (Opa), I've had TTools and AI Flight creator for a few years now and just downloaded the 4 set utility pack from AvSim as well. I did use this program a bit a couple of years ago to add AI around Ketchikan. I have been trying to get AI operable for 2 days now and have used and familiar with the utility programs to update aircraft and airports. Have all the prerequisites installed and preferences set and all programs are working as they should.
    My only issue is that i cannot get any "airplanes" to appear at any "airport",
    ever. I have searched and searched for help as to what issues could cause this and gone back over several times to insure every program is working properly and the compilation/decompilation of txt files was also successful.
    i have even stayed on runways in search with no luck.
    Maybe with your extensive knowledge you might have an answer.
    It would be greatly appreciated.
    Take care David, and thanks.

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    Check your PM's
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    I have a problem with AI Flight Creator. The program opens up but then runtime error 13 appears and render the program useless. It worked fine in WinXP SP3 but alas in Win10 I have the runtime problem. I tried as administrator and compatability but no joy. So sad because it stay the best AI program. Any suggestions?

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    First - you are aware that this thread is SEVEN years may have been better starting a new thread..........

    Second - This error can be caused by a number o reasons. I suspect, however, as you are now running W10, that the W10 install does not have a required 'library' for the older AI Flight Creator program. Options available.....

    1. Check the requirements for the program to identify any specific 'libraries' required and then download and install them.

    2. Get an alternative and more up to date program - I can recommend AI Flight Planner - found HERE - download links are at the bottom of the page and, yes, it works in W10.....

    If you get AIFP and it does not work in W10 then you will need to look at what Visual C++ Runtime libraries you have installed.....


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