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Thread: Need help!! installed FS2Crew Cessna 172 for 2004 into my FSX and now FSX crashes!!

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    Default Need help!! installed FS2Crew Cessna 172 for 2004 into my FSX and now FSX crashes!!

    I made a mistake and installed FS2crew Cessna 172 into my FSX and it was for FS 2004.

    Now FSX freeezes and crashes
    I uninstalled the FS2crew 172
    Also restored to an earlier moment with system restore
    Also searched using the windos search engine for any FS2Crew files and erased them

    My FSX keeps crashing

    have tons of addd ons so really hope I dont have to re install it.

    Any other ideas how to fix this?
    Maybe something in the regfistry got placed?
    or the CFG file was changed?

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    Might have to reinstall. That's why add-ons are sim speciffic. Did you try a repair?

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    If the Fs2 program used an installer, then there are probably entries left in the registry which are causing you grief. There is an excellent freeware program called Revo Uninstall which will un-install the application and then search for leftover registry entries, files, and folders. To fix your immediate problem, try running a registry repair program. The freeware CCleaner has one included.
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    Reinstall the plane to a "dummy" folder on your desktop and see what files get installed to it. Just a thought....

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    I'm pretty sure he didn't wait around 3 years for a fix...Don
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    And here I thought it was only I that noticed this kind of stuff!

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