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Thread: 727 Config problems Vista 64 bit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macs View Post
    So did you get the C-O-M working or not? You mention you manually changed the aircraft.cfg at the end?
    Thanks for your input.

    Yes, I did.
    I returned all of the 727configurator files to their default settings...and am able to run 727configurator normally and T-O-M normally.


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    Thank you very much! This little .exe file got my Configuration Manager working perfectly.
    Now it seems everything is working properly with the GA727 using my Windows 7 Ultimate 64x.
    I'll be making some test flights. I'm so glad because this is the best 727 on the market.

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    I can't get it to run without crashing to windows
    I have Windows7 64bit Home Premium, running FS2004. When I try to load it, it goes right back to windows?! I have tried everything on this forum, but to no avail. I must have missed something


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