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Thread: Very basic gmax questions

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    Question Very basic gmax questions

    I asked similar questions several months ago here, but I have some slightly different ones now (and yes, BASIC ones)!! I'm ready to finally get my project finished and over with.

    First, after creating a Box and some Planes to create a building and roof --with some variations here and there--, if I drag one of the basic colors (say Blue in this instance) from the "Material Navigator--> Mtl Library" onto one of the planes, does that color also export in the .mdl file? As soon as I can get that to show, I'll start working on more complex textures!!

    Second, after creating a GUID for the building, I would export, no? Maybe I'm missing a step or two in there yet. So, in the export to .mdl box, which options would be selected? Is everything left default? Again, for a basic box with a roof covered with our bright blue. Or black. Whatever.

    Is everything right so far? Thanks for any help!

    EDIT:: Cancel my last, I actually got it!!!! After months of putting it off and many hours of "research" where I didn't get very far, I actually placed objects in FSX! I read IN DETAIL the 'manual' on Wiki. Very simple 'problem' I know, but it seemed like everything went wrong for me to start with. Anyway......
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