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    i am making plans for a flight sim and am looking into having one or two MFD's in the cockpit.
    most of the games i would like to use do not support putting the radar or Gps or whatever i need on a separate window

    what i need done is to take a section of the screen and display it on a second monitor

    the only solution i have found that might be possible is to use screencast software to send that section of the screen on Lan to another PC to display on its monitor

    but screen cast software uses a lot of memory plus i have to buy multiple PCs

    is there software that will take a section of my screen i define on one monitor and display it in a window on the other monitor?
    i want all the monitors to be hooked to the same PC's if i can

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    This is a non-trivial problem that has plagued many pit builders. There doesn't seem to be an inexpensive, general purpose software solution. A custom software solution called the MFD Exporter Utility has been developed for use with Falcon 4. Information is posted on (

    For some games it is possible to expand the screen size and drag the MFD/radar/whatever to a lower portion of the screen. A webcam is used to relay the desired bits of the lower portion to a small screen modded to look like an MFD/radra/whatever. The main screen is masked so that only the upper portion displaying the scenery is visible.

    A variant of this approach is to use a VGA to video adapter. These adapters as typically used for business presentations. Models with pan/zoom functions allow a portion of the image to be extracted and sent to a second monitor or projector. I believe an AverKey 550 has been used to do this.

    Mike Powell

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