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  1. Default DF727 Configuration Manager

    I recently purchased and downloaded the DF727 and after the download was completed the aircraft flew fine but the Configuration Manager gave me Error Message 429.
    I worked with the Dream Team to resolve the issue but to no avail and deloaded the entire package.
    After making sure all programs were closed and all anti virus and firewall programs were turned off, I reloaded the 727 again but with the same results on the Configuration Manager gave me the same error message again.
    My operating system is Windows XP Home
    Does any one have any suggestions.??

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    Try this:

    It fixed mine after importing to a new system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael E. View Post
    Try this:

    It fixed mine after importing to a new system.
    Thanks Michael, I tried that but was unable to get beond the download fix, since I am 75 years old and not at all familiar with computers it has been a trying time to fix that Configuration Manager, if possible could you walk me thru the process, I would appreciate any help you could give me
    Thanks very much

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    Can you confirm that after downloading the registry fix, that you have run the exe file?


  5. Default 727 Configuration Manager

    Hi, Yes I downloaded the registry fix but due to my limited knowlage of computers I dont know how to run the EXE file.any chance you could tel me how?
    Thanks Paul for doing this

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    OK, Find the exe file you downloaded and doubleclick it, this will bring up a window that you need to use to navigate to the FS9.exe file. By default this may be C\program files\microsoft games\fs9

    Once you find the fs9.exe, click it once to highlight it and then click open at the bottom of the window........that should fix it.


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