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Thread: DF727 Configuration Manager

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    I can almost guarantee that what Alastair mentions is the actual problem, as I can pretty much follow the problem thread entirely. It looks like I may have to wait for an update of the 64-bit version. Thanks for your help,

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    i bought the download from Flight one Dreamflight 727 and plane downloaded with difficulties.
    AutoPilot was not engaging.
    Only steam gauges no EFIS
    Go Around buttons when pressed RETARD the thrust levers..not push them forward!

    Config manager showed downloaded successfully but whe I open it I get this message:

    Run-time error "429"

    ActiveX component can't open object.

    Am using Windows 8.

    Is there a link to cure this?

    What do i do? Am not very computer literate with all tis coded language i have seen in this forum.

    Kindly help.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are many threads listing the 429 error on here. You could try downloding and running dx7vb.exe which solved the config manager problem for me with windows 7. Not sure it will work with windows 8.

    How are you trying to engage the A/p ?

    EFIS gauges need to be set with config manager

    G/A button wont retard or advance the thrust levers. The Dreamfleet 727 does not have autothrottle !

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