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Thread: Anachronistic colloquialisms in string theory

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    FSX only, as the other thread says. That is, of course, if I ever manage to finish the model. I've been so busy in the real world with work, family, recording, and the like that the most I've had time to dedicate to is simple stuff. I knock out a freight car here and there.

    A310? Yuck. I've seen better proportions on Perfect Flight's models. I was never a fan of the A310.

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    Powerful reasons from the real world and enough so there won’t be any more arguments from me about it.

    About the A310, well I will have to keep using the one by Harald Nehring for the FS-2002. I have the CLS but I do not like its FDE. And of course, I can still use the SGA-A300B4 series in FSX that surprisingly has a very low impact in frame rates when considering also I got just a Pentium-4, 2672MHz (over clocking? yeah right).

    Keep yourself on the virtual FS whenever possible,

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    All points in space are the same point!

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    Whatever happened to this?
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    What happened?

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