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Thread: trouble with reality xp gauges

  1. Question trouble with reality xp gauges

    Thank you all in advance for your help in solving my issues. I've searched extensively and tried many fixes, both large and small, and still can't come to a resolution.

    To start, I have Windows XP SP3, FS9 w/ SP1 installed, and an ATI Radeon 1650 512mb video card, which I am beginning to suspect may be contributing to the problem.

    I am having trouble getting the Reality XP equipped aircraft to load properly. Both the Archer III and the Baron are having issues, though they are different. When loading the Archer, the program crashes to desktop. With the Baron, the plane will load but none of the Reality XP gauges show.

    The Garmin trainers are loaded properly (or seem to be) and work independently from FS9. I've tried the registry repair tool, I've tried installing the Garmin trainers to the simplified locations, and anything else I can find to try, all without result.

    I do get an error message at installation for both planes which reads: "setup has detected that a windows explorer setting may affect the GNS simulation" and refers me to a knowledge base article (1009) that no longer exists.

    I'm really at my wits end, and I hope you'll be able to help this long-time lurker and first time poster.

    Thanks so much for all your help!


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    As I recall, the kb article mentions enabling the win explorer option 'launch folders in a seperate process' which you will find under the folder options menu.


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    Thanks for the suggestion! I hadn't tried that before. Unfortunately, it didn't do the trick.

    Any other ideas?

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    Have you looked over the RXP forum at flight1? There has been a lot of discussion regarding issues similar to those that you have mentioned. The ATI card has been the villain for some...


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    I haven't found anything that works. I tried "disabling visual themes" in the FS9 properties, and even reinstalled the aircraft again to try for a new result. Nothing works.

    I've cross-posted (under amyers97805) over at the RXP forum to try and broaden exposure for the issue.

    Thanks for your patience. I'm trying to be as pro-active as possible.


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    I've gone through a similar drill with the RXP gps gauges - weird error messages (some of which have never been documented), non-starting, inability to get two to work together, tried everything but sacrificing a goat, and one day they start to work for no particular reason. It can be really frustrating. Anyway, good luck.


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    Hi Andrew,

    What anti-virus package do you use ? I know that at least two, MS Defender and AVG, have to be fully uninstalled before you can get a successful installation, so this may be at the root of your problem.


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