Hi -

I bought the Dreamfleet 737-400 before Flight1. I like the airplane so much that I am now for the xth time trying to re-install it. Unfortunately, I am having quite a bit of difficulty. It appears that the Flight1 Wrapper (version 2.0) refuses to connect to the server. I own a number of Dreamfleet/Flight1 products for which the wrappers work fine, so no network issue. It seems that there is no Flight1 download of this product available on their site as, I believe the product has been retired - is that right? I have contacted them and the answer so far has been a re-direction to their documentation on e-commerce and wrappers. I have a ticket opened on this issue with Flight1.

Could someone explain to me what the status of this product is and how I could get it re-installed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.