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Thread: Want to improve your frame-rates?

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    Thumbs up Want to improve your frame-rates?

    Check out!

    Our dedicated staff of Flight Simulator technicians provide the FSX community with Microsoft Flight Simulator X performance enhancement solutions. From first-time flight simulator pilots to advanced power users and developers, High Flight Simulations has it all! Our easy to apply Tweaking Solutions include "Step-By Step" instructions for you to modify specific configuration files within Microsoft Flight Simulator X yourself. Don't want to tweak the files yourself? Our File Tweaking Service will tweak your file for you (at a nominal price). The result of our tweaks replace the sub-standard "out of the box" performance with a more "as real as it gets" simulation experience!

    We also offer Flight Sim Links, Tutorials and Videos, FS Forums, FS News Articles, FSX Aircraft Files, Repaints and Scenery Files, FSX CFG File Tweaking Service, High Flight Web Store, Personalized Consulting Service and more!

    Check us out!

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    Wow! this is great, finally somewhere and someone who can get FSX problems resolved. Thanks.

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    Someone who claims they can get FSX problems resolved.

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    With SP2 not a lot of "tweaks" are needed.

    Either you have a computer that will run FSX, or you don't.
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    Intel Core i7 975 Extreme (3.86GHz)
    12GB Corsair Memory
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 285
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

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    It's not quite as simple as" either you have a computer that will run Fsx or you don't". If you don't have the latest and greatest hardware, you can still have an enjoyable flightsim experience. I have used the Highflight tweaks on my current and previous computers wi tha noticeable improvement.
    [email protected] 4.5Ghz/ 16 GB Gskill DDR3 1600/Nvidia GTX460 1GB// CH Yoke/Pedals/Throttle/TrackIR/Win7/ Fsx Deluxe SP1 & SP2

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgh View Post
    Someone who claims they can get FSX problems resolved.

    exactly, this is just more spam. If there was a miracle that made FSX run at 99FPS on every computer, we'd know about it by now.

    "high flight simulations has it all" Are you selling snake oil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigisfat View Post
    "high flight simulations has it all" Are you selling snake oil?
    I want 99fps, so I'll take two bottles of Dr. Smith's snake oil for FPS ailments!!

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    a tweak to the .cfg file will only get you so far. i will give you stats on my system and the setting so most of you beginners can see what it takes to run the sim somewhat decent. and yes, it is all about the equipment. this is a half decent machine i have, not top of the line. so you can use this as a baseline, anything less than this and you may not be happy.

    msi 965neo mobo
    nvidia 7950 gx2 video
    2gb memory
    160gb sata hd
    xp sp3
    triple head to go
    ch products pro pedals
    top gun afterburner II

    fsx sp1
    ground environment x
    fscene asia, south america, europe
    Ultimate terrain usa
    tyler newport photoreal orlando
    flight environment x
    scenery tech north america landclass
    cls a340, a300,
    cap sim 727, 757
    cls dc-10
    fly the 717

    frame rates high
    global tex resolution very high
    lens flare
    light bloom
    advanced animations
    anti aliasing3d virtual cockpit
    high res 3d virtual cockpit
    exterior settings. all on
    level of detail large
    mesh complexity 100
    mesh res 1m
    tex res 7cm
    water effects high 1.x
    scenery complex very dense
    autogen dense
    land detail textures
    cloud draw 90 miles
    cloud coverage max
    airline traffic 21 percent general 5
    airport vehicles minimum
    no aircraft labels
    road vehicles 4
    ships 10
    leisure boats 15

    no tweaks to the .cfg file. no tweaks to windows yet. before i fly, defrag, clean disk, shut off antispyware, antivirus, firewalls, physically disconnect from the net.

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    I have used your site extensively, and really appreciate everything you guys do for the FSX community. It would be great to have some more freeware aircraft up in your library though, and if those airliners you have up had VCs I would have already downloaded them by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
    With SP2 not a lot of "tweaks" are needed.

    Either you have a computer that will run FSX, or you don't.
    I know, this is another post, but what's with the bashing in general from everyone? You don't have to pay for the service they are providing, it's an option for those who don't want to do it themselves... They have all the info you could possibly use up to be viewed by everyone. It's not like they are trying to scam anyone...

    Again, everyone needs to lay off the bashing...

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