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Thread: Flight Simulator Flight Shop

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    Question Flight Simulator Flight Shop

    Can anybody tell me, where I can get Flight Shop? I use FS5 in DOSBox on Windows Vista, there is a lot of add-ons in this great site, but FS5 shows a error message:

    SIMFSFS.FSO not found!!!:

    I know, that thing was released on 1995 and we are 2008. Home of the Underdogs had that thing, but now the file is broken.

    I need to know

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    Default Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I see, no body likes FS5, right?

    It still cool!!!

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    Hey Alexander, I have a copy of FlightShop if you still need it, private message me for more details!


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    Smile Looking for Flight Shop

    I want it too !!!!!!!!!!!!

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