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Thread: Increase memory DDR2: 2 Gb for 4 Gb ?

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    Default Increase memory DDR2: 2 Gb for 4 Gb ?

    What benefit can I expect by increase memory DDR2: 2 Gb for 4 Gb in FSX ?

    Thank you for your advices !

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    Are you running a 64 bit operating system? Because if not, 32 bit XP or Vista will not use all 4 GB of the RAM, you will only see 2.45-3.15 GB of RAM being used....that is why I would only build a 4 GB and up system if I was running a 64 bit OS. Hope this helps.
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    I went from 2Gb to 4GB but I found absolutely no detectable difference in FSX performance. You may find this of interest as it shows (among other tests) a 2GB versus 4Gb test with FSX:
    Go here and select item "AN-804: Gaming Performance Analysis - 4GB vs 2GB":

    As you can see, Corsair's FSX test showed a very, very small performance improvement when FSX is run with 4GB. IMO, any improvement shown in the Corsair test is so small as to be negligible and is likely the reason I found no benefit (in FSX FPS) when I went to 4GB. Bottom line, they said FSX runs fine with 2GB but if you want to gain a bit (make that a very tiny bit) of headroom at high detail settings then go with 4GB.

    Some games seem to benefit more by having 4GB so, if you run other games, 4GB might well be worth doing (speaking strictly of gaming performance). Other than gaming performance and regardless of whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit OS (a 32-bit OS will only report about 3.2GB or so), having 4GB should help lower program load times and speed up task switching.

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    If you're getting crashes or Out of Memory Errors, you might try using the 3GB switch (instead of getting more ram)

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