Evening all. I'm new to the FS2002 community. Perhaps one of you could please give me a hand. I installed FS2002 Professional ed. 2 days ago and everything seemed to go well. But after researching countless sites and viewing the wonderful graphics and effects the software has to offer, it just isn't cutting it on my computer. I'm wondering if this is because I'm using a laptop computer. State of the art though it may be, am I experiencing these graphical blunders because of my system? I'm using a Compaq Presario 705US Notebook, 20 MB HD, 1 GH Processor, 240 MB RAM, S3 Graphics Twister K Compaq video card, and I did go to the Compaq site and download the latest driver for the unit. When in flight the ground looks like a brown muddy patch. The only lights that I see are the ones on The AI aircraft and my own. The water is still and lifeless. Does anyone have any knowledge of the video card that I'm using? Is it manageable? I know that it's compatible but I can't seem to get my tweaks right? Any help you have to offer would certainly be appreciated. I know that laptops and newer games systems aren't a match made in heaven but due to space constraints it's all I can manage at the moment. Being that my processor is at 1 GH, and my RAM was boosted to 240 (Salesmanship propaganda) I thougth it would run rather well. Anyhow, I sure would appreciate any help you may have in the eye candy department. Thanks all for your help. Happy Landings!