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Thread: Question about Using Add-On Flight Plans

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    Talking Question about Using Add-On Flight Plans

    Hi All
    I look at the new files everyday, and for a long time I have wondered what the Flight Plans were and how I could utilize them. What do I need to use them? Are there additional utilities involved? I assume that I have to to add the airlines that the Flight Plans are intended for.

    I would appreciate any hints and advice.

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    I suspect most of those are designed for packages like WOAI or Project AI, as opposed to flight plans you fly.

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    You would need the plane models for those plans and then a utility called TTools that takes 3 files, flightplans, aircraft and airports, and creates a traffic file to be used by FS.

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    Smile Flight Plans

    If your interested in AI, the bible of AI information is the manual for Traffic Tools. When you D/L the program the manual is included. It will answer just about every possible question and show you in detail how you can enjoy the AI plans. How they are put together and how to make your own.

    Once you spend an hour or so reading, you'll be conversant with the topic. Just remember everything is in GMT.


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