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    I was just wondering if there were any plans by Dreamfleet (or any other group, but DF are the best!) to launch a PA-46 Malibu?

    I know there is a Meridian but I prefer pistons.

    Are there any other comparable products out there? The Malibu is in a class of it's own anyway so there really is nothing to compare it with. This plane is amazing, right at the top of the line for piston singles.

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    I thought about buying a real PA46 but I don't know how much of an investment I would be getting into? I hope DF does one I would so buy it as I am already waiting on the T210 and the rest of the new upcoming projects

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    Hi Richard,

    My friend and I thought about buying a PA46 Mirage (the Malibu is old news and no longer built). One must understand the difference between a Malibu and a Mirage, ya' know?

    Today it is a "Mirage", years ago it was a "Malibu". There is no such thing as a "Maliibu Mirage".

    Aside from its low useful load (what a joke it is too), we were not impressed with it. It didn't fly all that well. We flew one, and we were not impressed, and will stick with some variant of our Cessna 210 (either our current turbo version or a pressurized version, which we are considering buying).

    Even the Meridian is nothing to talk about! It is popular in FS because FS is FS, and not real world

    So, no PA46 from us, and I would not bother to throw away money on one in real life either. Regardless of the fact that some folks do.

    I don't think the Malibu / Mirage is at the top of the line. That is just some folks "perception" of it.

    Let me see...

    Super critical wing, meant for high altitude coupled with an engine that can not really handle it, along with a useful load that makes my Piper Dakota look good (useful load on the Dakota is higher than a Mirage).

    Okay, it is fast if you want to burn out the engine, and it still cannot carry much.

    Again, we flew one and were not impressed. That's life- agree or disagree.

    Yes, there is nothing to compare it with, but that does not make it a great plane either.
    Lou Betti

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    Lou what about a T210 how much would I invest in one and how much of a useful load could I expect to get with a T210? I can't wait for the FS2004 version of the T210 I'll get it as soon as its released

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